About Us.................

We are a gaming community of people playing many multiplayer games such as Americas Army , Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and Battlefield. 2, & 3 ,and Black Ops
We enjoy the games and the friendships that are created from the games,we believe in fair play , honor and dignity in winning as well as losing.The common goal is to have fun and enjoy the game ,treat all players with respect .
We do not actively recruit members but at times we do welcome people to join us. On our forums you will find the rules governing membership .





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The B.A.D. is a small translucent decal crosshair that is placed on your monitor in the exact location that your weapon will hit, simply bring up your ironsight or scope and place the decal aimpoint in that location, your weapon will hit precisely where you point .This device is designed to train your eye to fire exactly where you want to hit. Available at the low cost of $3.25 per sheet .Thats right , just Three dollars and twenty five cents each and you will be rolling with the pros! Get the edge to compete . Also available for TV screens for console gamers , Another great idea from those loveable Beer_Me Guys !


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